Thursday, May 21, 2009


The significance of good industrial relation in any country cannot be ones emphasized. Good industrial relations are necessary for the following reasons.
1. To help in economic progress of a country. The problem of an increase in productivity is essentially the problem of maintaining good industrial relations. That is why they form an important part of the economic development plan of every civilized nation.
2. To help establishing and maintaining true industrial democracy this is prerequisite for the establishment of a socialist society.
3. To help the management both in the formulations of informed labour relations policies and in their translation into action.
4. To encourage collective bargaining as a means of self-regulation. They consider the negotiation process as an educational opportunity a chance both to learn and to reach.
5. To help government a making laws forbidding unfair practices of unions and employers. In climate good industrial relations every party works for the solidarity of workers movement. Unions gain more strength and vitality. There is no inter-union rivalry.
6. Employees give unions their rightful recognition nd encourage them to participate in all decisions. Unions divert their activities from fighting and belligerence to increase the size of the distribution and to make their members more informed (workers education) on vital issues concerning them.
7. To boost the discipline and morale of workers. Maintenance of discipline ensures orderliness. Effectiveness and economy in the use of resources. On the other hand, lack of discipline means waste, loss and confusion. It also means in sub-ordination and non-co-operation.
8. Industrial relations are eventually human relations therefore, the same basis of human psychology prevails in the field of industrial relations therefore, and the efficiency of an industry is directly related with the quality of relationship, which is being built up amongst the individuals who work together..

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