Thursday, May 21, 2009


Industrial relations are relations between employee and employer in their day-to-day work. Hence, it is continuous relationship. The scope o industrial relations include.
· Relationship among employee between employees and their susperiors or managers.
· Collective relations between trade union and management. It is called union-management relations.
· Collective relations among trade unions, employees associations and government Scott, clothier and Spiegel remarked that the industrial relations has to attain the maximum individual development, desirable working relationships between management and employees and effective moulding of human resources. They have also arrested that either industrial relations or personnel administration is primarily concerned with all functions relating man of industrial relations seems to be very wide. It includes the establishment and maintenance of good personnel relations in the industry, ensuring manpower development, establishing a closer connect between persons connected with the industry and that between the management and the workers, creating a sense of belongingness in the minds of management, creating a mutual affection, responsibility and regard for eachotehr, stimulating production as well as industrial and economic development, establishing a good industrial climate and peace and ultimately maximizing social welfare.

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  1. Several parties are involved in the Industrial relations system. The main parties are employers and their associations, employees and their unions and the government. These three parties interact within economic and social environment to shape the Industrial relations structure.
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